Vigilantes launches Kickstarter Campaign


Donegal-based developer Timeslip Softworks is excited to announce that Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns for Vigilantes have just gone live. Vigilantes offers a compelling crime themed, turn based tactical experience for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Players assume the role of Sam Contino, an idealist dragged down the rabbit hole of vigilantism and determined to bring down the three criminal gangs which dominate Reiker City. Vigilantes is the studio’s second game, and has been in development for almost two years. Polished preview demos are available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


The studio hopes to raise €5,000 to help with upcoming development costs, and the campaign has some great rewards. In addition to significantly discounted copies of Vigilantes, backers have the option to have a criminal or NPC named after them. The Kickstarter campaign for Vigilantes will run until 6th November.

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Windows Demo:

Charles Cecil working with Pewter Games on The Little Acre

Christopher Conlan Charles Cecil Ben Clavin

(LtoR) Christopher Conlan, Charles Cecil and Ben Clavin

In recent weeks, renowned game designer Charles Cecil has been working with Pewter Games as executive producer to provide the final polish on their upcoming game ‘The Little Acre’.

“The creator of ‘Broken Sword’ – a hugely successful game, Charles is one of the biggest names in adventure gaming. Having him on the team is a huge endorsement,” says Ben Clavin of Pewter Games.

Following a successful GamesCom this summer, the company also announced that they had signed an agreement with games publisher Curve Digital which plans to release their game in six languages at the end of October.

The Little Acre will be released on PC and consoles in Q4 this year.


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9th Impact Go Global with Biker Mice: Mars Attack

Galway based studio 9th Impact have today launched Biker Mice: Mars Attack! globally on iOS and Android based on the 90’s kids’ favourite Biker Mice.   

The game is a turn-based strategy game based on the Biker Mice from Mars TV show and inspired by the classic 90’s game Advance Wars.

Biker Mice 9th Impact

The action takes place on Mars and players control infantry, artillery and air units of the Freedom Fighters as they seek to reclaim Mars from the Plutarkian invaders.

Players choose the move and attack of each of their units, then await the opposing force’s response.  Upgrading troops and equipping them for each battle is core to successful missions, of which there is over 30 to complete.

Fans of the show will know the backstory and recognise all the characters, but for other players the game is a war strategy challenge with many hours of tactical gameplay.

This is the second game the company has made based on the TV series Biker Mice from Mars.  The first game, simply called Biker Mice from Mars, was an episodic story based runner.  Players ride motorcycles through the streets of Chicago, dodging obstacles, shooting Greasepit’s goons and foiling Limburger’s plots.  The game has been well received by fans of the show judging by the Play Store ratings and comments.

“Biker Mice: Mars Attack! is a completely different feel to the first Biker Mice game,” said Finn Krewer, head of development at 9th Impact. “In the first game we focused on the action, parody and the funny one-liner elements from the TV show.  This game is slower and more strategic – the flashbacks scenes to the war on Mars were always poignant and intense.”

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Biker Mice: Mars Attack!
Biker Mice: Mars Attack!
Developer: 9th Impact
Price: Free
Biker Mice: Mars Attack!
Biker Mice: Mars Attack!
Developer: 9th Impact
Price: Free+

About Biker Mice from Mars

Biker Mice from Mars is an animated series created by Rick Ungar which first aired in 1993.  The series features 3 motorcycle-riding mice who’s home planet of Mars is attacked by a fish-like race called Plutarkians.

The show was hugely popular in many countries at the time of broadcast and gained a dedicated worldwide cult following over the years. The series spawned two previous games – one on the Super Nintendo console (1994) and the other on Play Station 2 (2006).

About 9th Impact

9th Impact is an award winning independent game development studio.  The team of artists, engineers and producers are huge fans of Biker Mice from Mars so working on the official games was a dream come true.  In December 2015, the company launched Biker Mice from Mars from Mars on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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