Galway Game “Cellular” in Running for IDI Awards 2016 <- click here to vote

Galway-based company Tribal City Interactive have had their game Cellular accepted as an entry into the 2016 IDI Irish Design Awards. The game has been available on the AppStore since January and offers players a chance to relax with a repetitive but rhythmic interaction style.

In their entry to the competition, Tribal City had this to say:

“The brief was to create an experience that would be accessible, simple to pick up, but nuanced. Challenges included the limitation of having a one-touch input mechanic, employing a functional and smooth feeling movement system and developing an evolving and changing background score that would add a relaxing atmosphere and interact with the player’s in-game actions. Creating a responsive and intuitive movement mechanic was the first step in the design of Cellular. When the player touches the screen the avatar reverses its clockwise circuit and begins moving in the opposite direction, allowing the player to navigate the space between each revolution, giving them choice in direction, but with a constant sense of momentum. Composing several interlocking pieces of music that could seamlessly flow over each other as the player progresses was a great challenge. Cellular works best as an engrossing and relaxing experience and the music helps realise that.”

Voting for the Public Choice Category of the IDI Awards closes on Thursday 16th November, so be sure to get your VOTE in before then!

9th Impact bring Frankenfarm puzzle game to life

9th Impact have released their latest mobile game, Frankenfarm, a bright, fun and original puzzle saga.
The story is that Victor has been gene splicing animals on his uncle’s farm and has managed to create “dragons”, which appear to be an unholy mix of chickens, pigs and cows. Your job is to help Victor clean up this mess before his Aunt Betty finds out what he’s been up to.

The way to clear the farm of these dragons is to match 3 of them in a horizontal or vertical line (luckily all fields on the farm are divided into board game squares). Sounds easy, but at any one time you have only 4 random animals that you can place on the board. Sometimes these are chickens which you can match 3 of to make a pig, 3 pigs make a cow and 3 cows make the illusive dragon.

Mentioning the words “match 3” conjures up images of Bejewelled and Candy Crush, but this is a completely different proposition. The graphics are bright and colourful enough to appeal to anyone in the casual game audience but the challenges get sufficiently tricky, as you play through the 140 levels, that even a chess masters’ forward planning abilities would be tested.

The advanced levels have larger fields containing more dragons, extra chickens, boulders that block your way and even exploding cows. Frankenfarm is a totally off-the-wall presentation of a simple, unique and clever puzzle mechanic which will keep you entertained for hours.

Developer: 9th Impact
Price: Free+


Developer: 9th Impact
Price: Free


9th Impact is an award winning independent game development studio.  The team of artists, engineers and producers are huge fans of Biker Mice from Mars so working on the official games was a dream come true.  In December 2015, the company launched Biker Mice from Mars from Mars on the App Store and Google Play Store.