9th Impact's Christmas-themed match 3 game

Mobile game developers 9th Impact, have today launched a unique Match 3 game for the holiday season.

What makes Christmas Express Match 3 unique is not the gameplay itself, but that every single piece from the characters down to the exit buttons are hand-made from clay.

The clay characters include Santa, Rudolph and Snowman and are brought to life using stop motion animation. The result is a beautiful aesthetic, full of heart and charm. The level map screen is a magical winter wonderland with a sense of playfulness and Christmas warmth.

“I wanted this game to be proud of it’s hand-made origins rather than striving for pixel perfect digital graphics.” said 9th Impact game designer and artist Sarah Quick.

The game isn’t all about just creating a unique aesthetic though. “I love playing match 3 games, so I designed the levels to be fun, diverse and challenging and created a new type of piece – a Christmas Cracker – which gives you a surprise bonus each time you open one.” said Quick.

Christmas Express Match 3 will appeal to Candy Crush addicts, lovers of hand-made crafts or those with an appetite for festive themed fun.

Christmas Express Match 3
Developer: 9th Impact
Price: Free
Christmas Express Match 3
Developer: 9th Impact
Price: Free+


9th Impact are an award winning game studio based in Galway, Ireland.   The team of artists, designers, developers and storywriters build original and franchised games for iOS and Android.  They are best known for being the developers of the official game series based on the classic Biker Mice from Mars TV show.