I had a blast at the 48-hour event over the weekend, making and playing games. A large amount of jammers turned out to contribute, meet like-minded folk, and eat pizza (generously provided by organisers Darren and Alanna, @darrencearnaigh and @sparklyparticle respectively).

Alongside the teams making games face-to-face all old-fashioned like, there were some online contributors, watching the live stream and eating triangly bits of cardboard and jam (probably).

All told, there were 11 whole games made with at least one more unfinished, falling victim to the daemon booze. The jammers were given a chance to rate each others’ games and the results were:

1st Warp Cop III (@WARPCOP by @BarDunBar)

An iOS app where you need to warp past lazer towers (that’s what they looked like to me) and mines to progress. You are armed with a shotgun, which [spoiler alert] you don’t need to use if you are fast or pacifistic enough.

2nd Warp-Words

Letters on pedestals (again, my guess) zip around you, with blatant disregard for your safety. You need to shoot them, but not indiscriminately; only the letters contained in the word ‘warp’.

3rd Rapid Volt Girl

The most polished team-built game features a girl dressed as Snape, who, through some type of experiment-gone-awry (actual storyline is delivered on dropped scrolls) which means she can now switch between states as a ball of pure energy. This turns out to be useful as her side-scrolling 2D world provides obstacles only-traversable by such forms of energy.

My team consisted of two inexperienced programmers (myself included) and a talented artist who wasn’t available during the mornings, so as we scrambled to realise the vision of a game on the final day, I couldn’t wait to finish up and see the fruits of everyone else’s labours.

My favourite game of the weekend was Rapid Volt Girl, with honourable mentions to Bob’s Time Adventure, Warp Cars, SeasonWarp and Warp Ninja (an online submission).

The full list of games is here: https://itch.io/jam/galwaygamejam5/entries

(The one I worked on became ‘Luik’)

Keep an eye out for more Galway Game Jams.