This series of workshops is aimed at anyone with an interest in game development who has no experience making games.

Howling Hamster, a game development team based in Galway, will be delivering some skills and tips to get you on your way to being a game dev. We’ll be using the free Unity3D engine and free tools or trial software for these workshops.

The idea is that these workshops will give you taste of the multiple aspects of making a game. We encourage you to try your hand at each workshop – you never know what you might learn!

Day 1 – 3D Art workshop    (Sat 6th, August)
Day 2 – Audio workshop    (Sat 13th, August)
Day 3 – Programming workshop    (Sat 20th, August)

During the workshop you will make your first, simple game. This will teach you some of the the fundamentals and confidence that will provide a starting point for futher learning. Game development can be a daunting. Luckily the folks at Howling Hamster are super nice and willing to help out.

The outcome of this series of workshops will be your first simple game. You will have learned a great deal about the processes involved in making a game, as well as get an idea of what you prefer to do.

The course will take place over the first 3 Saturdays in August – the 6th, 13th and 20th from 10:15am to 3:45pm each day. Cost = €20.

We recommend that workshop goers follow up their first game by going to the Galway Game Jam on August 27th to test out and strengthen your new skills and meet more professional and hobbyist game developers.

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