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The 13th annual Games Fleadh will take place on 9th March on the LIT campus in Thurles.

This year’s theme is ‘Tower Defence’ and will feature Robocode (think virtual Robot Wars), a Game Studio competition, a Tom Clancy’s The Division competition and talks on games development and research by industry veterans. There will be a number of gaming competitions taking place on the day as well as a raffle.

This year the guest speaker is industry legend John Romero.

Entry into the event, attendance of the talks and raffle entry is FREE.

Register at http://gamesfleadh.ie/registration/


RoboCode is a game where teams use Java to program one or more robot tanks to battle in an arena against each other. The arena is a large computer monitor that is projected onto a wall. It involves one team from each College, first year full time undergraduate students only, with a maximum number of three students per team.

More info here.

Game Studio competition

This year students are asked to submit a trailer for their Game Studio entry, the entry should be no longer than 30 seconds and contain game footage only. The trailer has been allocated 10 out of 150 marks and will be judged independently in advance of the event.

Colleges may submit up to 5 teams (an increase from 3 last year). There is a maximum of 5 students per team, students must be from 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th year full time undergraduate 3rd level courses and Fetac level 6 game design related courses. Entrants must have the approval of an academic mentor.

The prize categories this year include:

-College Champions
-Colleges Runners Up
-Best in Animation
-Best in Game Design
-Best in GamePlay
-Best in Original Audio Music
-Best in Original Digital Art
-Best in Original Story
-Best in Visual Engineering
-Best Multiplayer Game
-Best Original Innovation in Gaming
-Best Windows Phone 8 Game
-Best Windows 8 Game
-Best in Use of Microsoft Cloud Technologies
-Best Video Game Trailer
-Best in Team Performance



There will be a keynote speech by John Romero, industry legend and co-founder of eight successful game companies including id Software, Gazillion Entertainment and, most recently, Loot Drop.

There will also be talks by EA and Microsoft a fireside chat with a number of Irish game start-up companies.

Important dates

Wednesday March 2nd: Closing date for submission of 30 second Game Trailer for Game Studio entry (game footage only, no longer than 30 seconds)

Friday March 4th 5pm: Closing date for submission of Robocode Entries (To be submitted via email)
Friday March 4th 5pm: Closing date for submission of Game Studio Entries

Sponsors of the event include Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft.