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    Hi there,

    CanDo have just released version 1 of their training application.

    A number of colleges are using this toolkit, including University of Ulster, Jordanstown, Magee, Belfast Institute, NWIFHE, and a number of others overseas ( including Abertay ).

    It allows students to create interactive environments at the same time as learning how to create 3D models and texture / animate them. The easy of use, and speed of the export ( a matter of seconds ) ensures that the students interest is kept.


    We support a wide range of 3D applications right out of the box, including…

    * 3DS Max
    * Maya
    * Lightwave
    * TrueSpace ( using the Conversion Pak ) or GameSpace
    * Cinema 4D
    * Cararra
    * formZ
    * Electric Image Animation System
    * 3D Canvas Pro
    * SoftImage XSI or Blender ( these use an offline XSI to W3D converter )

    The evaluation can be downloaded completely for free at…

    If you know any lecturers who are teaching 3D modelling ( either game related or otherwise ), please feel free to send them this info and link.

    Many thanks…

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