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    Some pretty impressive stuff here, hopefully 2K will get their hands on what’s been done and give it to a developer with slightly more drive.


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    The saga continues :)

    Some of ye have probably been bombarded with this link, but for those who haven’t seen it take a look at the list on the bottom of this page.

    I think the best is "World War II and the entire Manhattan Project." took less time than this game :)

    "When it’s done" is a well-earned but costly title in this case :)

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    "2 year 9 months, Now it’s over. It was fun while it lasted. I worked with an extraordinary bunch of artists, designers, and programmers. You will all be missed. I know we will cross paths again.

    I’m an Art Director looking for a great project/team/opportunity. I’m hopeful that I will land somewhere soon.

    Enjoy the previously unreleased DNF shots below."[/quote:5515f4b60b]


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