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    Well went and saw Fantastic Four last night. Now I’ll be honest, I didn’t really have very high expectations of this movie, just like what happened at The Punisher, but to be honest I really enjoyed it! The story was well told, it didnt focus too much on the action sequences and special effects and was really just a great comic book movie! Hats off for not making The Thing a CGI monstrosity! :D

    The casting was excellent however I probably would have chosen a different Dr. Doom. While Julian McMahon uis competent in the role, hes just no Doom, his voice and costume (bar the mask) were a let down especially.

    Other than that my only reservations were of the way Doom was created in the first place and how it differed from the source material. However I can appreciate that within the realms of the film they needed a way to link the FF and Doom together so as to create a more contained story.

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    Jessica Alba makes it a fantastic film…


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    from what i heard its good if you know the comic and like that but otherwise its not great

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    Seems like theres a sequal already on the books..

    I hope they don’t milk it too much… :?

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