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This topic contains 2 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by  peter_b 13 years, 5 months ago.

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    Anyone attending AAAI conference this year (next week infact, in san jose).
    Theres a 2 day work shop on computer video games.


    should be good.

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    I’m not going anyway. How about you, Peter? Would be great if you could tell us how it goes. :)

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    Well i actually didnt make it myself but by supervisor made it for me and brought back the workshop notes for me.

    He said the 2 day workshop was excellent. some big guns were there, the developers of the “the suffering” gave a talk about there a.i. within the game and how it built on the a.i. system of their previous game LOTR: fellowship of the ring.

    Also there was talks on planning within games, how to dynamically develop story lines using a.i. One very interesting talk by David Aha (big gun in a.i and ML) talked about a system they were developing to allow plug and play a.i. a kind of package approach, where you can plug your a.i. into various different games.Also there was a talk on how best to dynamically adjust the skill of the opponent within a game.

    The keynote speaker of the AAAI to do with games is also supposed give the same speech at the British AI conference (early next year), so i should make that conference, so should be good.

    if anyone want more details on these notes drop me a mail.

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