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    A commonly used phrase, during game development worldwide, is monkey ( code monkey, art monkey, producer wan… monkey ).

    Following on from this, it might help create more of an actual game development feel if these ( free ) icons were to be integrated into the new site, in addition to the existing ones ( see the 11 icons to the left when you are typing up a post ).


    The “pissed off” one is a masterpiece, combining both the finest of pixelated 2D art talent, and suggestively getting the message across in a very succinct and precise manner, removing the requirement for a verbose post explaining the precise fellings of said author.

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    Oh jaysus, they even have one of the Hoff!


    Introducing a few chosen ones that the community likes could work. Too much choice is not always a good thing. Nice idea though, pretty sick of these bald Simpsons’ wannabes. :)

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