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    Does anyone have experience with this system?
    Apparently it actually works….


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    Does anyone have experience with this system?
    Apparently it actually works….

    http://www.agilealliance.org/intro%5B/quote:2a4328098a%5Dwell, they all work… to a point… and depedning on temperament of you and your team. I’ve had some experience with it – seen it used well and seen it used badly, but overall I liked it and found it useful

    A few game devs are trying it at the mo. Seems to be flavour of the month

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    I don’t understand…what is the approach?
    There seems to be very little about it other than their manifesto. Is it basically a mindset that you have towards scheduling, allowing for greater team interactivity and more allowance for change ??

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    I did it in college. I also had a project on Customer collaboration on how it can be a double ended sword… What Idora said, all methods have some advantages and some disadvantages…. Kent Beck has some good books on the subject if you’re looking for detailed information.

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