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    Now for a rather strange question, does anyone know of the better courses in the US in Games Design or at least a good resource for finding good info out on them. Talking about BSc.’s or the equivalent like. A friend of mine from over there really wants to do one and he doesnt even know where to start looking. I remember people talking about them in brief here but a search turned up nothing.

    Also, hes also interested in art/csg/level design but thinks he’d prefer a general course.
    He also doesnt seem to mind relocating..

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    Full Sail and the one by backed by Nintendo – Digipen – I think Nintendo’s NST hires alot of graduates.

    Digipen is near Nintendo in Seattle and the other…googles…is in Florida

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    Full Sail and the one by backed by Nintendo – Digipen – I think Nintendo’s NST hires alot of graduates[/quote:b0f8b70d80]they are the two best (at least by reputation) by far… Gamasutra’s Education section would be a good place to start, but for $5 you can buy their education guide which lists most of the North American courses as well as lots of other info

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    Cool, thanks a million folks. I’ll pass it all on! :D

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