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This topic contains 5 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by  thefoofighter 5 years, 8 months ago.

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    I putting together a team to build a mod/or game around that tv Show "supernatural".

    I was just wondering if there were any writers here familiar with the show that would be interested in helping write up a concept/story based in the general supernatural universe but not directly the same as the show.

    Basically the game will be released in chapter form (a chapter per Month/fortnight) and will be loosely based around similar scenarios seen in the show. The main reason i need the writer is that the game needs a big story arc that will tie all the episodes together, hopefully with a twist at the end that no-body will see coming.


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    Unless you have the written permission of the copyright owners of the show’s rights then you cannot make a mod or a game about Supernatural.

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    Why not make your own paranormal themed, storyline. There are plenty of spooky stories in Irish culture and folklore. Maybe "Legend of the Phouka!"or some other such inspiration. You dont need to be constrained by existing ideas and follow in other peoples footsteps, also they would probably sue. :D

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    Somehow i dont think i am going to get permission from Warner Brothers/Erik Kripke. Thats why im building the game in the General supernatural universe. Warner brothers do not exclusively own the rights to the name Supernatural:Source (that I could find anyway) and nor do they own the concept of demons/ghost and ghouls. This is a volunteer effort to make a free fan made game. The only possible thing myself and the team can get from the game is hours of fun once compete and a portfolio. I intend to continue with the game like I said loosely referencing the show until I get a cease an desist from Warner which I don’t think is going to be the case. It is after all a free mod. If anything it will promote the show further.

    I wanted to make a game in this area because there isn’t really anything quite like it.

    And yes David I am hoping to bring in some local legends also, even if the show is going to be set in the US.

    I understand your concerns Paladin, and i have attempted to contact Warner but i cant seem to get a legit working email. :/ Maybe someone here has contact details they could pass along?

    Thank you

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    Hi Cathal

    I’d suggest distancing yourself from the TV show as soon as you can for 2 reasons

    1) Any legal nonsense that it could cause
    2) The restrictions it may place on your project

    Instead treat this recruitment stage like you would get a band together. Tell us what you can do and what your influences are
    e.g. Programmer looking to collaborate with writers on video game project in the style of insert genre or example games here. Setting influences are Supernatural (TV Show), Irish folklore/legends etc.

    I’m not suggesting you change a thing about your vision, but trying to make the game version of IP X could alienate some folks because of restrictions on their creativity and others because you differ on what a game of that IP should be. Better IMO to gather a team of people with similar interests and see what grows from there

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    hey Nifty,

    Very constructive piece you wrote there, got me thinking about it from another angle. Ok so i do agree with you on all you say and ive had a word with the other team members (its something we’ve been discussing for a while) and they agree with what you have to say.

    So i suppose if anyone is following this thread and has an inclination towards the occult(not practising it ;) ) or the paranormal and would be interested in helping us put together a story (maybe set in the US?) about our main character who hunts demons/monsters and protects the innocent. This will start off as a Single player project and due to popularity it may be upscaled to Multiplayer.

    Do you think it would still be ok to call the game Supernatural?, The Supernatural or Supernatural:Source? I havent found any game of its type online and ive already bought the domain http://www.supernatural-source.com

    Thanks again

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