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    Hi folks,

    Does anyone know of any ( probably freelance ) 3DS Max artists in the North ( preferably able to get to Belfast, as being onsite for part of the work is important ) for 4 to 6 weeks work?

    The project will require modelling and texturing a realistic looking scene ( from an in-car point of view ), and exporting to a real-time Shockwave 3D environment ( previous experience with Shockwave isn’t a requirement, but some modelling / texturing experience on a real-time project is a bonus )

    Many thanks for any leads you can give ( if you want to send them off-list, then mal at candointeractive.com is my e-mail )…

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    Matter of fact I do, and so do you! Check your mail!

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    Cheers Pete!

    If anyone else knows anyone, let me know also, as we might need 2 ( deadlines etc )


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    I have a friend that would be interested, he has used 3ds max a lot in personal and professional situations, and also director and shockwave, he created the http://www.golfdays.com site, and designed the 3d tours of courses on it using director and 3ds max.

    he created the courses in 3ds max, and coded the tours using director.

    I will email his contact info later

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    Cheers Patrick! I’ve contacted both artists, so many thanks for the info from both of you.


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