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    I did this project recently in college, in sketchup.

    The brief was to design a modern APC, something that wouldn’t look out of place in Iraq.


    Plan and Elevations.

    Roof Detail. Nothing says go away quite like a 50Cal!

    All comments welcome. I hope you like it though!

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    I’m by no means an artist be they look great!

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    Lovely Detail work, I love Sketchup for this form of geometry modelling!

    Good Job!

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    Great model but Sketchup is not great for detailed models like that. Sketchip is horrible for UV mapping so the models don’t look that hot when imported into an engine.

    Although they are acceptable for simple geometry like buildings and bridges. I used some sketchup models in a custom level ( the bridge in particluar ) I made using cryengine. They are acceptable but if there were anymore detail then I would have used model done primarily in 3DS Max.

    You can see a video of an earlier version of the level below:


    But apart from that you have some real skill. Maybe you would consider joining my small team in making a showcase level for a thoughtful tactical shooter ( not COD based ).

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    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Once this model gets past the concept design, I should be modelling it up in Maya. I’m sure I’ll regret all the detail at that stage. I’ll post WIP of Maya model on these forums.

    cheers again.

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