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    The studios within the stable are some of the best known in the market and include:

    * Reflections, based in Newcastle, currently working on Driver 4.[/quote:d7289c4aa7]
    Oh god.

    * Melbourne House, based in Australia, working on current gen versions of Test Drive.[/quote:d7289c4aa7]
    Oh god.

    * Paradigm, based in Dallas, currently working on Stuntman 2 and Battlezone.[/quote:d7289c4aa7]
    Former *shrug*, latter sw00t! :D

    * Shiny Studios, based in Laguna Beach, currently working on one undisclosed project and new versions of Earthworm Jim.[/quote:d7289c4aa7]

    * Eden Studios, based in Lyon, working on Test Drive for next generation systems. [/quote:d7289c4aa7]
    Oh god.

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    if they’re selling off some of these studios.. how come some of them are advertising for posts at them..

    i ask because i’m sure i’ve seen that an audio director job in newcastle is available..

    strange if they’re selling

    my bad…. it’s midway. sorry

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