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    Jamie McCormick
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    interesting, thanks for the heads up

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    Is it just me or do all these "Games" jobs in Ireland seem to be some sort of Tech support or localization? Is this not the same with Big Fish? You seem to have a better chance of getting a job in these places if you have a second language than if you are a good programmer, looking at the job description anyway.

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    500 new jobs is a fairly significant boost to the economy. congrats to the IDA and blizzard for making this happen. I’m sure there’s plenty of people in Cork smiling about this one.

    Fair enough, the jobs seems to be "call centre – esque" but that article on gamesindustry mentions about tools and technology training.

    Surely it can’t be long before all the comp sci grads in Cork are realised as a great natural resource and some development work makes its way to Cork.

    Anyone know how many staff are based at the French HQ? (as a comparison?)


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