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    Not specifically game-related (I know), but as I’m reading about the browser wars, I thought to myself, that this may impact those game engines looking to deliver their content through web browsers.

    So. The question is, what is your browser of choice?

    Me? I started with the default IE, then played with Netscape Navigator (but it slipped off into the void), and was quite happy until about 3 years ago, when I used Firefox. Haven’t looked back since. Tried Google Chrome, its cool, but after a while, I returned to Firefox.

    Stories on SiliconRepublic, show Chrome as being the most "secure" or "hack-proof"


    and IE’s 8.0 being mostly ignored by the public (at least on day 01):

    Just wondering what the locals think, and also if any one has tried some of the 3D browser-based games on offer. Unity are pushing this tech pretty hard,


    Any users around these parts?


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    Trying out that Unity Engine a little. Lots of good murmers from games devs giving it a try in their spare time. I think the interesting thing is the creators are coming from a non-traditional games dev background and the architecture of the tools is rather nice.

    Personally I reckon it could be lump of excrement and I’d like it simply for it’s web browser plugin abilities which allow you to access the graphics hardware.

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    Always use Firefox at home. I wouldn’t call myself one of their fanboys, I’m just fond of the customised theme I’ve got going.

    I use IE7 while at work. It loads a lot faster than Firefox does on the system. Also, I prefer the IE7 theme over the default Firefox theme.

    Yep, pretty and shiny colours is the most important factor for me when it comes to picking a browser.

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