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    Do many people use C#. One of the guys in here is always going on about it. Is it a better version of C++ or something different?

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    different, its a lite language for developing .net applications

    Since it doesn’t seem to be applied anywhere else I personally haven’t bothered with it.

    Not to be confused with c-script

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    Define a .NET application ??

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    Define a .NET application ??[/quote:803da0a484]web services

    also, don’t Epic use it for the Unreal3 toolset?

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    don’t Epic use it for the Unreal3 toolset?[/quote:340f5ac671]
    So also non-web serivces too…

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    Are you shue that its c# and not c-script for unreal?

    I’m fairly sure its c-script, 2 different languages, but both designed to be as familiar as possible to programmers of c and c++.

    Why can’t we just name these languages after famous dogs or something. It would be less confusing and give better water cooler talk.

    “Well we were doing the whole project with Lassie, but Beethoven just gets on better with our middleware solution.”

    Although ‘Essential Littlest Hobo 2.7’ would be a wierd one to ask for at Hodges Figgis

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    I do know you can do tools in C# so Unreal could very well use it.
    This is why I was so confused. I thought .NET referred to web, and yet it seems to be used for everything else too.
    Is it like Java…mainly for web, but has the capability to be used for anything else but perhaps with some speed problems with large projects??

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    c# for their editors etc for unreal.
    but the scripting language is c-script. it was called c-script because the scripting language is extremely similar to c (in fact a subset, with some of the nasty stuff gone,mem allocation etc)

    as for c# being good, yeah its pretty easy. if you know java c# is simple, in fact some might say ms stole java and rebranded it when their visual j didnt succeed. Alot of the banks use c# to develop low level components then use asp .net as their frontends for applications. its not a bad model.
    also with .net platform its easy to mix and match c++,c# and vb

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    .NET is not just for webservices. Back in the Day MS used COM, now they are moving towards a new framework called .NET. COM is still about in many forms but .NET is their new baby.

    DirectX 9 is based heavily on this framework.

    As for C# its a very powerful language, most commonly used for Webservices and as the back end code for ASP .net. Although many games are using it as a scripting system, such as Unreal, Reality Engine and many more. Basically MS wanted something that was more robust than VB, and something that viably compete with Java. So they devised C#, it has many of the features of VB (if not all) and many similar features to java. Infact at a recent training course an instructor was teaching us Advanced Corba, he showed very easily how simply by changing case on some java code you can stumble across the C# equivalent. Very interesting.

    To all those in college and on the very of leaving either this year or next. Drop java and learn C#. Play the odds, most students will emerge with Java, alot of businesses in Dublin are looking for C# and .Net

    I get emails weekly about new high paying .NET and C# jobs, and there are very few skilled and experience programmers in this area, as all graduates are emerging with java. And they want people with experience in Java, while people with C# can really bluff their way into a job.

    Thats only my 2 cents.

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    one other interesting thing, out of both Java and C# you would be surprised to know that C# is the one that follows a unified standard. That was another thing that stunned me.

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    I get emails weekly about new high paying .NET and C# jobs, and there are very few skilled and experience programmers in this area, as all graduates are emerging with java. And they want people with experience in Java, while people with C# can really bluff their way into a job.

    Thats only my 2 cents.[/quote:c58a38233d]

    yeah tis true about the high paying, the reason c# is so in demand is alot of companies are following the c# buzz and want to port their existing code from vb to c#. I personally think if you know java well youll pick up c# in less than a week. i know that was the case for me when started tyo learn it.
    The closeness of the two language is ludacris though, (border line a joke).
    i actually took some of final year project and converted it to c# in less than a day. and the majority of that was find and replace.

    Also c# is taught alot in business computer course. (business information systems in u.c.c.), because it is regulated by Accenture Consulting.

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    Hrm interesting, I’ll keep it in mind…ta :)

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    The Reality engine uses c# and c++. :D


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    The DirectX 9.0 sdk has examples of code in C# and “managed” C++ code in the .NET framework.
    .NET is an abused name, it was originally meant by microsoft to define the new framework for software development, but when the marketing guys got their hands on it they used it everywhere, like on msn passport and all that stuff.
    You can develop tools in it, and I saw a demonstration by MS here a while back on DirectX 9.0c with C#.

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    If anyone is interested, there is an app written in c#, in the nvidia SDK 8.0, it is the DXSAS app which allows the application of HLSL shaders to a model. Comes with a runtime version and access to the source for futtering. Essentially parses in composer files for viewing.

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