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    Camelot Galway – City Of The Tribes, The Irish developed & one of the first Irish themed computer games to be published world-wide is now out in stores starting with a top online games publisher, GarageGames which i think many will know of.


    Not only is this a computer game for all the family, its also an important tourist product for the west & country of Ireland. We would be very grateful for your support regarding this title in Irish entertainment market, that is a tour at heart of an interactive Irish storying surrounded in the fastest growing entertainment form which is computer games, world-wide.

    Thats 1 published PC or Console release for 2006.., hopefuly we will see more! We are only one small group in a talented Irish pool of game developers.
    Enjoy this relaxing, enjoyable adventure!

    Keith – StarCave

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    Since you’re advertising the product in part as an educational product you should include licensing information.

    Is the software only legally usable on 1 machine at a time or can a school pay for only one copy and install it on all the machines in their computer room?

    Is there a middle ground, e.g. valid for use on up to 6 machines, or is there a discount on further licenses purchased by the one institution?

    I’ll be grabbing a copy for myself regardless, but if I think it would be of use to the teachers I work with or children I do projects with, I’d like to know where I stand.

    Best of luck

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    The software can only be legally usable on 1 machine at a time but there is a very decent discount on futher licences purchased by one institution. Please contact me for more details exploring what we can do for you at:


    Thanks for going to purchase a copy, its good to hear of your support. =)


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