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    Hi all..

    skoool.ie has just won a major international award..while not exactly a game it points the way to how ICTs can be used in relation to education and to what they are getting up to in Intel’s innovation centre here in Ireland..

    congrats to all…see news piece on home page…(yes you should check the home page sometimes…!)


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    well done skoool.ie!

    heh, btw its skoool.ie ;) dunno why?

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    blame marketing!!

    the word ‘skoool’ was chosen because it’s meaningless in many languages (eg. ‘sony’, ‘nike’, etc.)

    each of the ‘o’s in the brand-name stands for a different educational approach, ie. ‘learn’, ‘revise’ & ‘explore’

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    and I suppose we should add here that skoool.ie has won a major Irish award ..at the Digital Media awards last week..well done to all concerned…


    PS I’ve got so used to writing about it I now actually spell the name correctly – with all three ooo’s!

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