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    Looks like a great day. Be sure to post pictures, Gizmo!

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    I must say the talks went great, any thanks to Aphra and Mal for coming and entertaining us lowly students. ;)

    I do believe some pictures were taken too so I’ll hunt them down and post them here.

    May as well point out a rather interesting thing here too. Apart from the initial wow factor of seeing the PS3 for the first time on Tuesday, within the hour there was a bigger crowd gathered around the Wii than there was for the PS3. We could only laugh really. :)

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    Thanks for the invite gizmo!

    Nice to see a mix of computer programming and multimedia students at the talk and some discussion of teams for Dare – it seems programmers are more difficult to get in DCU than the creatives.

    And students are never lowly – they keep us in jobs!:)


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    I second Aphra – thanks for the invite, it’s always great to be able to pass on a bit of experience and advice to students looking to take the next step to get into game dev.


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