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    Apparently some of my students have been running DirectX10 on XP through the use of:


    and equivalent.

    They have DirectX10 compliant cards, but are not too fond of Vista, apparently waiting for "Service Pack 4 – at least" before changing over.

    The downside, is that their machines are freezing, crashing, and all the rest.

    Anyone else doing this?

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    Its actually a lovely OS if you take about a half an hour to install a few essentials and kill some of the unnecessary stuff.

    I’m running Vista on my Dell M1330 (4GB Ram). I also run Firefox, thunderbird, google desktop, do loads of development using NetBeans and Visual Studio, the DX SDK, XNA, PHP, MySQL.

    I have killed Windows Indexing and Windows Defender which are unnecessary resource hogs.

    I have yet to have a bad experience with this setup. Everything starts practically instantly, the OS boots in aboout 10 seconds.

    Vista I love you!!

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    heh wouldn’t risk it tbh, I’ll upgrade to vista when they patch it up and make it more… friendly 8)

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    Bodb Dearg

    heh wouldn’t risk it tbh, I’ll upgrade to vista when they patch it up and make it more… friendly 8)[/quote:00cfd1b5b9]

    There’s nothing wrong with vista. The main teething troubles that arose in the beginning were largely the fault of third party hardware vendors and not the operating system itself. Crummy OpenGL drivers immediately spring to mind for example ! A year on however and the situation is greatly improved, with much more mature drivers and better hardware & software support for the OS in general.

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