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This topic contains 8 replies, has 7 voices, and was last updated by  Squash-n-Stretch 9 years, 3 months ago.

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    Anyone care? I’m in no way tempted, partly because you know stores will always be sold out, but mostly because they didn’t do enough.

    Where are the accelerometers? Everything needs accelerometers these days even things that don’t move!

    Slightly bigger screens, always thought they were a bit pokey but whats in place for new releases to take advantage and still be backward compatible.

    SD slot=a good thing
    Browser=a good thing
    Camera=show me the games

    Worse Battery life! how did they manage that, use the same battery even though screens will draw more power?.

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    Usually I’d say they didn’t add accelerometers etc because they want to retain compatibility, but they added a cam which some games will no doubt require. Maybe they’re banking on the fact that it’s easy to see whether your DS has a cam or not

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    Good upgrade, it’ll keep the DS sales high.

    There is probably a sequel to Drawn to Life in development where you can snap a pictures of yourself and place them on your own character.

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    Smart move by Nintendo as usual. As kyotokid said, it’ll keep sales high but I’d put money on it that they’ve also taken steps to break compatibility with the slew of R4 cards on the market.

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    ….I’d put money on it that they’ve also taken steps to break compatibility with the slew of R4 cards on the market.[/quote:9fefddec4f]

    Definitely, the amount of people I know (not even hardcore gamers) who have the device is quite high.

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    Yeah, but instead they give you a SD card slot to help the hackers.

    Nothing in there that interests me really….bigger screen sure, but less battery life, a camera (why?) and better microphone (why?)

    If it means they drop the price of the Lite, that’s a good thing cos I’ll pick up one of those instead to replace my now bunlky DS.

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    Apparently investors on Nintendo’s board were HUGELY under-impressed by the DSi tech specs.

    Gamesindustry.biz has an article about it all here:

    In my opinion they should be making the screen bigger, better camera, throw in a sim card, gps, better graphics, and also TV out.

    Basically take the best features of the iPhone and the PSP, and keep doing what the original DS did well. Lots of fun games.

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    At the end of the day though, its about content and Nintendo are the best at making must have games. I personally am not arsed about the camera and that, but 11 year old girls probably are.

    I bet the DSi will do really well.

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    Worse Battery life![/quote:48f467006e]

    It sucks as it is :lol:

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