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    Well, Thursday IS the new Friday, right?

    Here is an image of a ( very grainy ) angry person on the left, and a chick ( no doubt after a run in with either Mr T, or Chuck Norris. She’s not happy enough looking to have had a run in with the Hoff ).

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    I had to get out of my seat to see it, but it was interesting!

    Now.. how is it done??

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    There’s nothing more to see here, so please get back to work.[/quote:1ddd90909e]

    Do we have to??? :(

    Freaky good find. These boards are quiet on fridays anyway, no point wasting a good post.

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    What does it mean if they both turn into images of the Hoff holding a small bunny rabbit?

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    Seeing the hoff is purely natural…. I’d be slightly worried about seeing bunnies though

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