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This topic contains 5 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by  fitch 13 years, 4 months ago.

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    Paddy O

    G5 iMac

    Finally unveiled, very neat and all but I much prefer the swivel display on the current monitor.

    And if this is meeting any Mac apathy here this: shut up, OSX is brilliant.

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    Never really liked the lamshade design. This is very swish. Add an Airport Extereme and Apple wireless keybaord & mouse and you have a very neat desk top! Hardly any cables!

    Pity it’s white. Looks a bit too much like an iBook on a stand. The metal effect of the new displays would have been cooler. However, I am tempted – it’s an ideal home machine. Anyone want a G4 1GHZ PowerMac?


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    Paddy O
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    :D i love the look of it.. would look great in my lounge

    shame i can’t pick up Sky Digital with it .. then i’d by it in a drop of a hat.

    i’m still on G4s both desktop and laptop..

    the time is getting closer i know..

    must buy G5 must buy G5


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    Don’t do it fitch!

    There’s ALWAYS a better machine just around the corner!!!

    I bought my home G4 about a month before the G5s arrived. Doh!

    And you know, G5 powerbooks can’t be that far away. just look at the G5 iMac form factor. As noted above, it’s an iBook.

    Wouldn’t I love a 12.1″ G5 Powerbook. Oohhh. Good goods come in small packages.


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    too true…

    G5powerbook would be cool..

    i’ve got the G4 12″ very handy..

    i reckon there’s going to be a stonking 3ghz G5 out in the new year..

    well . that’s my hope anyway :D

    i can always dream..

    am actually more pissed off about the screens.. those LCD screens cost a fortune whent they came out 3 years ago.. was planning on buying another 17″ one with my new computer.. and they discontinued them..

    LOL typical

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