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    Good to see Deus Ex in there, I played it for the first time about six months ago after meeting Harvey Smith. Really great and definitely deserved a slot in the top 12.

    Metroid may be a bit of a stretch (even though its an awesome series), Would have preferred to see a Zelda game in there instead.

    Warcraft at #1 is no surprise I suppose.

    Portal really get’s a fair amount of hype, not entirely sold on that one either. IMO, Human Head’s PREY (2006) showcased teleportation portals/doorways in FPS style at least a year before Valve’s Portal (anyone remember that? crawling around the alien ship in a puzzle-mode of find your way out??? Or am I alone on this one?)

    Maybe I need to play it again.

    Anyway, its yet another list, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more.


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    Yeah but weren’t the portals in Prey little more than doors? The thing about portals in portal is that you can put them pretty much anywhere, whereas I don’t remember having the ability to deploy portals in Prey at all.

    Narbacular drop (the college project that became Portal in a way) came out in 2004

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    Indeed, Portal much more than a technical gimmick, it’s a puzzle game that excels through extremely well tested level design and minimalist story development. Portals are a very powerful feature / action with a large playspace of possibilities. They carefully avoided the common mistake of thinking this in itself = fun, but instead they figured out the narrow path of interesting levels and scenarios to balance the teaching/achieving curve to make a great game. 20% gimmick, 60% level design, 20% humorous story told through the environment.

    Yes, I’m a fan.

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    The portals in Prey may have only been a technical gimmick but it’s still, to this day, the only game I can think of where it’s possible to shoot yourself in the back of the head by accident. :oops:

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