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    Hi folks,

    Some of you may be interested in this event which is on March 25th in Belfast. It’s a networking opportunity as much as anything and will bring together a lot of the academia in games as well as making them rub noses with the local industry.
    http://digitalcircle.ning.com/events/ingage-innovation-gaming (UPDATED LINK)

    I’m meeting with three independent game developers in Belfast on Tuesday morning. One is published, the other two are planning on starting their own home studios. One of them is planning to join StartVI, a new mentored seed startup incubator which is opening in Belfast in April.

    Add to this that the NIScreen Digital Media Fund will be open again in a matter of weeks, we’d like to help a lot of people get the kickstart they need to get creating!

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    Link was dead, but I think this is the right one.


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    Thanks for updating that. NING is a pain in the butt sometimes :)

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    how did it go? was too busy that day to go myself

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    As a first off event, it went very well. All the speakers were amazing.

    We’re planning another event later in the year.
    I put photos on my blog, waiting for the video.


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    Looks like it was a good event. Nice to see Mark and Brendan up giving talks.

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