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    Ahoy my comrades, I have an amazing news for you!
    World leading game engines changed their price politics!

    Unreal Engine 4 и CryEngine moved to "EaaS" platform (Engine as a Service)
    it is mean that both engines (in the same way as Unity for the last year) moved to the month subscription.

    Have a look what does it mean in raw digits:

    Unity Pro – $75
    iOS Pro – $75
    Android Pro – $75
    Team Licence – $20
    Total: $245 p/m for ideal collection. Obviously you can chop off some components but still, that is ideal indie team bundle.

    $19 p/m
    What do u get:
    UT4 – Game Engine itself
    original source code of UT4 engine on GitHub’е
    Supported Platforms: Win/Mac/iOS/Android/Web – all included
    Total: $19 p/m + 5% Epic royalty fees from gross income

    $9.99 p/m and no any royalty fees
    Supported Platforms: PC/Consoles/iOS/Android (possible more)
    More info in May
    Total: $9.99 p/m

    Looks like we have new Game Engine winner = CryEngine!!!

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