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This topic contains 18 replies, has 14 voices, and was last updated by  omen 12 years, 3 months ago.

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    Don’t know if this was discussed before. I was up late the other night, and watched that show with Dominik Diamond called “When games attack”. Terrible show (for example, it featured some page 3 model playing dance dance revolution….well maybe not THAT terrible then..) – but it got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be great to have a show like Film 2005 (the one with Jonathon Ross – Game 2005 maybe??) where they take a good, honest and mature look at games. Sort of like the Edge magazine of games shows. What I would like from this show:
    No Challenges – hate watching two 10 year old kids playing each other in FIFA or something..grrrrrrrrr :evil:
    NO CHALLENGES :evil: :evil: :evil:
    No reviews by the same age group of kids
    No funky scoring scheme – “I give Driver 3 a G rating of 9 because the graphics are great and I can kill people and I can drive around and I sometimes disappear through the ground”
    No weird all-knowing games monster who gives out hints and cheats etc. (e.g. the “Games Guru” in Gamezville…..shudder…………)
    An intelligent presenter. I dont think I’ve ever seen a decent presenter on one of these shows. Usually they just trying to be “down wit da kidz” (Gamezville, I’m looking at you….again)
    A decent insight into what is happening in the industry – maybe interviews with “popular” figures.

    What do you think? Will it ever happen????? I know that there is a high number of console owners, but do the most of them care enough to watch a show about them? I do remember there was a show on RTE yearrrs back. But mostly that was just kids fighting each other on Mortal Kombat on the SNES.

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    This is something that TV3 or RTE or one of the irish stations should do , and then sell it to sky, since there is a sky news ireland more programming should be created here and broadcasted on sky for the general euro audience.
    GamezVille was aweful, showing that sky have no respect for their audience and have no appreciation of the gaming culture. At least when Games attack has that thounge in cheek humour, but little content.

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    i saw an ad this morning that sky are doing a new morning kids show and from the ad it looks like they have game reviews or soemthing included in it. Looks similar to live and kicking or the likes. (padjo and the salty frog was my favourite kids morning show)

    Anyway the ad shows a kid playing wipeout pure on a psp. Although the show looks terrible, but not as bad as gamezville.. Those fellas on that show were gimps.

    Quote: “ah right daz, ah right jamie! its the boyz at gamesville comin at ya!”..

    jesus wont someone please think of the children…

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    I have to admit it but I rather liked Bits on C4 awhile ago. While it must be said that it wasnt the most mature program in the world the reviews at least were half decent and the three girls presenting it certainly had plenty of charisma on-screen. The only alternative is that one on UTv with the talking computer/head/robot thingy, can’t think what its called but the reviews on that are pretty good tbh…

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    How about Gamedevelopers.ie webTV, every week someone does a review, whilst sitting on obligatory beanbags of course……… and then everyone slags them off! :)

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    any volunteers?


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    I have to admit it but I rather liked Bits on C4 awhile ago. While it must be said that it wasnt the most mature program in the world the reviews at least were half decent and the three girls presenting it certainly had plenty of charisma on-screen. The only alternative is that one on UTv with the talking computer/head/robot thingy, can’t think what its called but the reviews on that are pretty good tbh…[/quote:57ca1704b5]

    yeah bits was good, alex from that is actually on one of the standards boards for the IGDA, so i saw on the website anyway. So shes got crediability. Also they were all very nice too look at when you got home from the pub at the wee hours of friday morning :)

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    oh yeah i’ll definatly do that.

    i remember watching gamezville once and those two were ask what character epitimises games and they said the games guru. i mean what the hell. never watched it again

    there is one that i like but its on at about 5 in the morning and hosted by a cg robot with a tv for a head. Cybernet. the voiceover guy sounds a bit stupid but the reviews are to the point and not condesending and usually fairly accurate. best one around in my opinion.

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    Ah yes Cybernet, thats the one…

    Bits was indeed good post-pub entertainment. Their reviews were always funny but still to the point, the one of Hitman was definitly one of their best. My only complaint was that they focused a little too much on FMVs and not enough on in-game footage.

    Any of you remember the ill-fated Bleeding Thumbs that was meant to air on BBC? It was essentially a competition between two teams using a highly modified version of the Unreal Tournament engine which took out all the realistic weapons such as the sniper rifle etc.. and replaced them with more Shock Rifle type weapns. The show followed the same winner stays on format as other shows but each week there was a difference UT mode used from CTF to Team Deathmatch. Needless to say it got nowhere after the pilot…

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    The talk about game tv shows brings to mind g4. When I was in the states recently, G4, which is like a channel for gamers/games, had some slick content.

    It had regular shows like ‘attack of the show’ – not just about games, but well done.
    They also had other more games related TV.
    The presenters of most of the shows seemed to know lots about videogames (as opposed to just presenting).

    I amn’t sure whether you can get g4 here (probably available via cable somehow?), but it’s content seemed to have higher production values than shows I remember seeing on tv here.

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    nah g4 is a usa network show, not on cable or satelite.

    we get the gamesnetwork, only problem is most of its programmes are broadcasted from italy, so there in italian.

    I have noticed bravo has a games show each day around 6pm (either on bravo or bravo+1 on digital). Seems to be pretty decent, some good reviews and its very up to date. Often have interviews with designers\companies.

    actually just checked there, its finished for the moment and has been replaced with the the dukes of hazard…

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    any volunteers?


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    There was of course GamesMaster with Dexter Fletcher, and then to a lesser degree, GamesWorld, which featured on Sky a few years back.

    Talk about CHEEEEEEESE.

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    Sorry I’ve been reading from most recent back…. I’m pretty sure we could get some sort of show organised between the various courses out here at BCFE, any opinions on ideal format, content, broadcast options?

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    There were a couple of researchers at DKIT, i think they were involved in the CMESP project, who would be the guys to talk to about Web-based T.V. shows.

    Can’t remember the guys name though, think he works or consults with Peter from Meedja…

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    I’d definitly be interested in getting involved in something like this.

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    the idea of a newsletter is great…maybe could get people from the community to submit reviews, comments on the state of the industry etc…from what I’ve seen on these boards, people certainly dont mind airing their opinions. need a good name though.i was thinking “Krozen’s Really Ace Publication”, but the acronym of that is KRAP……hmmmmm

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    Maybe snippets of upcoming publishings from members or interviews on where they see the Irish games industry going. You know really advertise our own. Might help bring a bigger crowd to the forum which would be no bad thing.

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    Something that was mentioned a couple of months ago – “A day in the life of…”

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