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    Barry Gallagher

    Hey Guys
    Thought I would just post up some pictures of where our team is at the moment for your viewing pleasure.


    http://lucyirving.com/). She created the graphic for the game title by the way.

    We also have on Code Jeff Raab, Anthony cosgrave and Sameer Kumar aswell as several others behind the scenes.

    We are always looking for talented 3d people, though you will be expected to texture yourself. Tuition is given as regards unwrapping and the basics of texturing, but listening is required. Its just not feasable to have a seperate texture artist on such a small project.

    We are currently look for:

    Lanscape artist – Basically your duties are creating 6-8 tileable terrain textures, creating terrain using outside editors which will be bought for you and basically bringing that terrain into the game.

    Special effects artist – To create particle effects like snow using the in engine particle editing tools.

    Promotional artist – To create promotional artwork like web banners and such to generate a buzz around the game.

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    what engine is being used?

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    Barry Gallagher

    We are using TGEA from http://www.garagegames.com

    It basically suits our design with good terrain abilities etcetera.

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    Cool !!!

    I look forward to seeing some rought WIP levels (even test beds)

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    Keep it up guys. I am looking foward to seeing more.

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    looking real nice… keep the updates coming

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