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    Byron Review backs film-style ratings[/quote:f7708394be]

    Didnt we already have 15 and 18 ratings? I’m sure my copy of GTA3 has an 18 cert on it…

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    Its probably a more verbose version along the lines of "Rated 18 for strong sustained drug use, moderate violence, adult themes" etc.

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    This was discussed briefly in the Irish Rating thread that popped up awhile back. In Ireland the guidelines issued by the IFCO are advisory only and in no way legally binding. They are also only obliged to issue certs on games deemed to have "obscene" content hence you will only ever see the IFCO ratings on 15/18 games. In the UK things are different however as the BBFC cert is legally binding. Again however they only rate 15/18 games hence the comments made in the report.

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    I would ahve thought any game without 15/18 cert would be U by default right?

    Either way this measure isnt going to stop game\gamestation etc selling games to underage kids, its just a waste of time. Unless you get tough and fine retailers like the government do for underage drinking or smoking.. Although they dont even do this for movies, so that unlikely..

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    Technically yes I suppose, however after talking to one of the Deputy Censors from the IFCO on Tuesday night it seems there are moves underway to change the current rating system so hopefully we should see some progress on that front soon.

    As for the actual selling of games, well any of the major stores I know of, be it Game, GameStop, Smyths or HMV, not one of them allow the sales of unsuitable games to minors. ID is asked for if they believe a customer to be under age and if an adult is buying it, it’s pointed out that the game contains unsuitable content that is not suitable for minors. There is also a guide to the PEGI ratings at all the counters I’ve seen recently.

    Game and GameStop go so far as to fire staff members who knowingly or through negligence sell games to underage kids so it’s clear there is a large amount of self regulation going on at the moment.

    As for the situation being similar to movies, well that like the games rating in the eyes of the law is due to change soon so it’s clearly a case of wait and see.

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