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    Hi all,

    I`ve just released the next update to GamesBasic, feel free to download it from http://www.gamesbasic.com

    (below is the post from various games-related news sites)

    GamesBasic is a free games development language mixing a unique form of Object Orientated Basic with a easy accessable media layer. The language itself is designed around presenting Basic in a simple but power OO style, allowing objects to be clearly defined and coded. The media layer (currently limited to 2D and input devices) is presented as embedded Basic commands and functions.

    GamesBasic’s IDE presents most of the modern features found in any development environment – Project management, context sensitive help, breakpoints, single stepping, accurate error reporting, full editing tools, etc.

    Please visit <A HREF=”http://www.gamesbasic.com”>www.gamesbasic.com</A> for your free download!

    – James Hunter

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