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    Hey guys,

    Been busy with college (already) so haven’t been around much. Just got an invite from Gmail and thought I’d give it to one of you guys. Just ask and I’ll randomly pick one of you guys. :)

    Just leave me your email or PM it to me if you’d like.

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    if ya can.

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    There is no such thing as a free lunch. Be careful. Be very, very careful.



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    Bah! All these companies are the same, if you think Google are the only company using our details then you would be very naive. Everyone does it.
    Gmail is a great email system, I could care less what the conspiracy theorists think! :D

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    Permanent cookies ’till 2038? Scanning personal emails for content? Connecting IP addresses to emails to social networks to browser habits? Giving up all information to governments even without a court order? Not offering any consistent guarantees of confidentiality whasoever?

    Other companies may be data-mining me, but I won’t use a real email address unless I have to, I uncheck the ‘spam me’ box, I request to be added to ‘Do Not Call Lists’. Naive I may be, but I do what I can to make it difficult for them. Volunteering to be one of the first candidates to have my entire online persona profiled is not a route I will be following, quirky business model and minimalist browser interface or not.

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    And do you thrust Microsoft Hotmail?

    When I start sending dodgy emails to people about terrorism, and bombs etc I will start worrying. Whats to stop Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail or any other email provider taking a sneaky peak at your emails?

    The way I see it, if you use such a public system like the internet then this kind of stuff comes with the territory. You don’t know what anyone is doing with your information on the internet(contrary to what they say to reassure you), I just protect my “private” computer with firewalls and virus scanners, and accept the “public” internet for what it is……public. ;)

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