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    were GTA II, San Andreas or Vice City ported to Gamecube or GBA?

    I see there is a GTA Advance for GBA released in 2004 but not sure how close that is to SA..

    anyone know?


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    The GTA article on Wikipedia contains some information that should be useful to you.


    You’ll read that there was a ‘Game Boy Color port’ for GTA1 and GTA2. The page also has a link to information on GTA Advance. I can’t find anything about any of the GTA3 trilogy being ported to the Gameboy. I’m fairly certain that they haven’t been.

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    they seem to have done a retro GTA Advance in 2004 for GBA..


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    there was never a gta game on the gamecube,

    i remember seeing a screenshot of gta3 for the gba but don’t remember it ever being released

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    were GTA II, San Andreas or Vice City ported to Gamecube or GBA?


    Nope, but GTA2 did come out on GBC.


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    I was about to say that those types of games have never been Nintendos thing but then I remembered the review for Shadow Man back on the PC in PCZone. One of the funniest things I ever read in a review tbh..

    “What immedialtely struck me about Shadow Man after a few minutes play was that this game is also available on the N64, traditionally the home of a more kiddy types of games. However within the first 5 minutes of play you have a rather evil looking Jack The Ripper impaling himself on a sacrificial dagger in order to go to hell and construct a Dominion Of Pain…you can almost hear the 10 year olds scream ‘Muuuuuuummmmmm!!!!!’ ”

    It made me lol. :lol:

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