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This topic contains 5 replies, has 6 voices, and was last updated by  Darksaviour69 13 years, 3 months ago.

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    Paddy O


    Shame really.

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    Juno Blaster

    A shame indeed. Sure that MS will find out who the person responisble for the theft is and reprimand them, as it appears it’s from the production plant.

    Bungie aren’t pleased, and rightfully so.

    Though, thankfully the situation isn’t as messy as the “Half-Life2” source incident last year..

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    Omega’s Dust

    Oh dear, I imagine Bungie aren’t all that impressed, hey Ronny didn’t you have work experience with Bungie?(ahem!).

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    Jamie McCormick

    Well if it’s a european localisation it could have come out of the Dublin plant, which would make things very interesting.


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    99.99999% sure it came out of the Luxembourg plant – don’t ask how I know, I just do… :(

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    this leak is annoy me so much, over at the forums were i mod, keep getting kids posting

    I JUST DOWNLOAD HALO 2!! I’M SO COOL! THERE’S <insert spoiler> ITS SO COOL!”[/quote:db63e80382]

    they think they are so cool cause they have played it before everone else!

    still i don’t think that sales will be effected, sure i was going to be copied at some stage!

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