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    Yay, there is some justice in the world, first Futurama will be coming back in the form of DVD movies, now this:


    (If you havent seen it the one off pilot episode you should try and hunt it down…e.g. contact the copyright holders (Fox) and ask kindly for a PAL copy)

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    New ‘Monkey’ too:


    Goodtimes.[/quote:5c20c0b999]great stuff… grew up on Monkey and The Water Margin

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    From the BBC Article:

    “Modern Monkey

    However, Monkey purists may be disappointed by the new version. The opening scene of each old episode that retold the legend of his birth from a stone egg on a mountain has been dropped.

    The scene where Monkey achieves immortality by gorging himself on 9,000-year-old peaches will also not be included.”

    How could they!!!!! :cry:

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