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    Hi there,

    I’m a 3D artist who study English in Dublin.
    And as you know now Ireland’s Economic is going down
    so fast so that I’ve lost my job.

    then I have to go back to my contry more early then 2 months.

    The Thing was I needed some help frome school that take one
    more class in the same day for 1 month instead of my
    remained 2months classes and it’s quiet nomal in every school.

    But, suddeny maneger said that I can’t takc classes like that becuase of school police
    which I wasn’t told when I was making contract.

    Well, I might’ve understood befor the maneger was being rude.
    according to the maneger ‘if you have problem with this,
    go to court. It’s no problem for us.’ also he said a lots of
    thing, but my point is, it was too much you know?
    And I wanted to meet CEO in the School, but then didn’t let me meet him.

    They are smart and they choose very easy victum, foreigners.
    Acttually, It’s not big deal because it’s just 2 months left and I’m going back to my contry very soon,
    but I can’t just get over this.. I feel so terrible.

    I couldn’t have any place talk about this problem.
    So, I wanna write some of writting on famouse Iresh forums, If you know some where could you tell me where is?

    Thaks for reading and sorry for my bad English, boring writting.. :(

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    Sorry to hear about your troubles :(


    ^^ That’s probably the most popular forum’s in Ireland

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    Thanks for reply Kyotokid.

    I’ll be there : )

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    Sorry to hear about that. It does sound like they are targeting you because you are not from around here.

    Unfortunately Ireland is still pulling its self out of the dark ages for the most part…. :cry:

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