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    talk about syncronisity ..

    i just arrived over in Galway to work here with the orchestra, just checked in the hotel

    and found a cool selection of stuff on the interative tv option

    saw they had internet radio .. cool .. saw Drone Zone ( it’s maybe 1 of 3 or 4 sites that play my stuff)

    i check it out.. . one of my tracks is playing at that moment !!!! “underwater : fitch”

    phuckk that’s messed with my head right now .. am thrilled :D ..

    what are the odds of that ! .. i never even knew the tv had interactivity , let alone radio and Drone Zone

    that has made my day, and i wanted to share :D

    ian hannigan and other Galway people .. ? are you up for a beer later? i finish around 10 :D

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    you galway people must all be busy … i’m here again this evening so give me a shout if you’re in town

    take care

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    Wow, how cool is that fitch! :)

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    Hiya Claire!

    Nice one! – Give you a shout later on this evening then ;)


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