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    I’ve been trying to keep my laptop alive for the last few months, being a broke msc student, i can’t really afford a new one.

    The harddrive has been making that panic-sweat inducing “click click click” noise on boot up (i lost all my game code a while back when my last HD died). I learned a very valuable lesson about backing up, i’ve since got a few 1gb+ usb keys and done weekly backups to unix accounts!

    Now, the hinge for the screen has just snapped, causing it to fall backwards, farther than 90 degrees which pulled the other hinge out almost entirely…so now if i move my ahem…laptop…at all the picture flickers like mad.

    I have the laptop pushed right against my wall so it keeps the screen propped up.

    I have a f*cker of a project due on learning algorithms (worth 50% of the module grade) and another 2 (10% each) the start of next week and this was just the last thing i need.



    I should probably just salvage the harddrive and cough up for a new laptop (this one is 5 years old at this point)…do they give people money for donating blood? i’m sure i could spare a few pints…

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    You could try and talk nicely to the OLPC group :P

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    LOL! Good idea…might have to shave off the beard and sideburns first, i think i could get away with being “big” for a child, but not “obscenely hairy” :D

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