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    Art Wolf

    Just spotted this on Slashdot

    Gamespot is running a feature which talks to designers such as CliffyB
    and Akira Yamaoka on the subject of [0]what it means to be a game
    designer. From the article: “No one just falls into the position. You
    claw, kick and scream and push your way into it. Most designers start off
    as programmers or artists. They understand gameplay systems; they live
    and breathe games. From my perspective, I was making my own games,
    programming them, doing all the artwork, the production, level design,
    and everything because I didn’t have anybody else to do it for me. That
    background helped give me the perspective it takes to pull a product
    together and have a creative vision for it. Being a designer is about
    having a creative vision and adhering to it.”

    Discuss this story at:

    0. http://www.gamespot.com/features/6129276/index.html

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