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    similar events happen at GDC (GameConnection) and in Lyon…

    Sounds like a good idea, but isn’t horrible the way developers have to beg for work?[/quote:3db7b6995b] game dev is no different than any other business, and competition is very high… and getting higher.

    events like this provide fantastic opportunities for developers to meet top notch publishing houses in a concentrated burst… saving on time and money, and often providing access to people you normally wouldn’t get near.

    They provide a big advantage over trade shows (ECTS, E3) and conferences (GDC, GDCE) in that time is managed, meetings are set up in advance and the person you’re trying to pitch too is not distracted by what’s going on elsewhere in the building (i.e. the Namco booth babes or queuing up for 5 hours to get a first peak at Half-Life 2!!)

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