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    Hi Guys,

    I have been working for the past year on trying to get a software product developed for schools. It is aimed at supporting young people to find out what they are good at and ultimately to help them plan with focus for the future. Unfortunately, the project has been going at less than a snails pace, primarily down to the fact that I am a psychologist and have no experience in the technical aspects of undertaking a project like this. I have managed to get the project as far as a front end interface which helps to explain the project and what I would like the product to do. However, I need to develop more specifications that can be translated into a working project plan.

    I wondered if there was anyone out there who would be interested in becoming involved in the project? I have excellent contact with schools and an education centre who would be interested in testing and rolling the product out if it was good enough. If anyone would like more details and feel they would have something to offer the project it would be great to hear from you!

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    I sent you a PM.

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    What kind of app is it?? is it web based or desktop app??

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    Hi There,

    It is planned to be a web based application where parents or schools subscribe to gain access and use the product.


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    I could definitly help out. I’m a web developer based in beflast. What languages are you lookin to develop in ? I must stress that I’m not an artist.

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    PM sent :)

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    PM relied to.

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