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    Yeah i saw this on Kotaku, it could be possible.

    They did say that they need to sell 1 million plus on day on to break even.
    While this is kind of a given, I think they’ll consider the xbox 360 too just to push the profits.

    and if Microsoft’s money sounds right of course

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    I think this could actualy be bad for Microsoft if its just a last min port of the game, but that story says its been in work since early 2007. I perosnaly will be getting the PS3 version but hell bring on the 360 version too, the more who play it the better.

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    Dare I mention new years resolutions, lists of stories/non stories of 2007 and things to watch for 2008. For me, something to watch in 2008 will be if Ireland can position itself as an attractive home for a publisher. It will come down to tax breaks or other middleware innovations. Personally I think it’ll be 2010 / 2011, if every, before a publisher takes a serious look at Ireland (hope I’m wrong on this BTW, but theres still not a critical mass of skill base here). It will also be interesting to see the bricks and mortar on Microsoft’s new European Data Center and what it’ll be used for, other than SAS. With so much triple play broadband available across Europe the data centre may be responsible for lighting the BB pipes. Another story to watch is what the sales were for the GAA based games and if, like other titles, the publishers release subsequent versions. Maybe its time for us to eat some of our own pie and a few people get together for an Irish themed title honouring some of our own sword wielding legends! Or remake a Irish character based Kane and Lynch (Irish), we surely have enough material from 2007….

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    something to watch in 2008 will be if Ireland can position itself as an attractive home for a publisher[/quote:e67636d222]
    Why? Publishers set up where developers are. Keep an eye on new developer incentives and a publisher may follow. The existance of a publisher in ireland isn’t really a big deal at the moment.

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    Well not anymore MGS4 is still Ps3 exclusive.
    Link: http://kotaku.com/340097/mgs4-360-rumor-smashed-yet-again

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    I guess you are right. Gaming has turned into a dirty war.

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    Martin Connolly

    Turned into?

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    Turned into?[/quote:fd6ea96237]


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