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    Been working for a good while now on a chess game that’s played in colour. Instead of attacking, people need to cooperate to finish a game as quickly as possible.

    Somebody helped me putting it into an applet form, but that has the restriction that it can only be played by 1 person on the same computer.
    I’m looking for advice how to get the game networked so several people could be playing it and there would be a database with the best scores.

    Here’s a link how it looks so far

    Working at the moment with some social entrepreneurs, the idea being getting craftworkers involved to make physical games and giving a big chunk of the proceeds back to them.

    We’re also developing it on second life (better world island) and started making machinima video’s about it all. Some of the major characters being Gandhi and Chaplin (Chandigo) who’ll be introducing the games.(can be acessed via above link)

    If anybody could help out or give advice, i’m willing to pay something for it (altough have limited funds) or maybe could tie it in with future proceeds.



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    Applets are not allowed to contact anything but the host they come from, so if the page is hosted on a webserver, that server will need to also be the game server.

    If it’s a dedicated server that shouldn’t be a problem, otherwise what you could do is get your applet to use http messages for comunication, and write a game server in php or whatever your webserver supports.

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