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    Good Article

    Consider this tidbit. The Xbox, which focuses on highly mature genres catering to hardcore gamers has production costs of $1.82 million a title. The Gamecube costs half as much at $822,000 a title. The real kicker is that the Nintendo DS only costs $338, 286 a title to develop for, even less than the Gameboy. Some of these costs have to do with the hardware and development kits, but for the most part they are derived from the scope of the projects. Being able to develop successful titles at 1/5th the cost of your competitors is a major boost to your bottom line.[/quote:431ab15587]

    Anyone want to make a DS game with me….I’m feeling all artsy at the moment, so I’ll handle the graphics. 3D mixed with handrawn ;)

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    The discs also cost more to make with nintendo so you make less profit per unit.

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    But the DS uses MC card-like things, not discs

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