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    Paddy O

    The final model will look a little something like this:


    Its clearly not as slick as the PSP design, but more practical and slicker than the E3 model? Looks solid? Headphone socket is there!

    The more I look, the more I like, obviously there are more issues at hand with the DS (like what they are going to do with it).

    I still would have rather they didn’t feel the need to display it in silver (most popular colour but hopefully there’ll be purple or orange ones).

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    Paddy O

    Great post Paddy O!

    Seriously though here’s a good link to an E3 promo video for the DS:

    DS Promo Video

    Its the most informative single movie I’ve seen on it.

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    Omega’s Dust

    Eh……….what?, and I thought I was mad!

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    Paddy O

    What’d I do? I wanted the second post to have an E3 video but I realised I had made a mess of the link in the first, ack it was complicated.

    Beside the point though: the final DS model is in there.

    Little known fact: I preferred the original GBA to the SP :rolleyes:

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    Omega’s Dust

    What’d I do? I wanted the second post to have an E3 video [/quote:ac35430720]

    Oh sorry, I thought there was a case of split-personality going on……my mistake…

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    I prefer the new ‘final’ model to the E3 prototype.

    The D-Pad looks like it will be revised after they sell the first 15 million units and the public moans that it sucks.

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    This sounds good to me:

    Caduceus: Surgical Operation

    The player steps into the role of a talented young surgeon who must operate on different maladies in each of the game’s stages. Caduceus will take advantage of both the handheld’s stylus and voice recognition capability. Actions such as cutting the patient or getting rid of an unidentified parasite are done with the stylus. In addition, while operating, the player must cheer on the patient using the device’s voice recognition. [/quote:20aa0dccd3]


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    the player must cheer on the patient using the device’s voice recognition.[/quote:fe1771f7d4]

    That sounds naff.
    Would have been better if they had different surgical implements and they used the voice recognition to ask for them, just like a real surgen.

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    Good idea also.

    I am getting more excited about DS!

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