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    Currently my only source is http://www.oxygen.ie and this is the extent of the article. More news when I have it :)

    Dance tubby
    Children in West Virginia’s public schools will be required to play Konami Digital Entertainment Inc.’s popular “Dance Dance Revolution” video game under a deal to help the state battle rising childhood obesity rates, the company said on Wednesday. All of the state’s schools will have “Dance Dance Revolution” equipment within two years.

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    some god damned liberal went at took a look at what the kids actually do anyway and tried to adapt it to improve their lifestyel? What next free health care. crazy liberals


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    They should install some Resident Evil booths.
    Ive seen a horrible decline in “zombie dispatching” skills among younsters in recent years.

    But yea, some primary school in England uses Myst to help encourange creative writing among its students.


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