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    This looks very cool…

    For anyone into playing retro games, this looks like the ultimate gadget.

    Is anyone thinking of getting one? I’m *nearly* tempted to push that purchase button, but I’ll wait a few weeks to see what the skinny is on it.

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    yeah a load of people from our forums have preordered it. Alot think that the first 3000 might be all gone already, but the site is still taking pre-orders.

    Its supported by much of the former gp32 (and then gp2x) community, infact they had a big influence in the design of it.

    I running on fumes at the mo, money wise, but I would love to pick up one next year

    btw our site was /. ed about the pandora
    and it seems it has broken our site in the process :(


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    The 3D capability is interesting. Think my gp2x could run quake engine in software mode but pandora has a GPU.

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